Astro Flipping: proven to Work

Astroflipping what is it

Astro Flipping deals with your relationship with investors. It stands to reason, and better relationships lead to more deals getting done. The offer the site makes is it offers one investor many properties. The focus is on relating to a sole investor and building rapport. If you have a good working relationship with the said investor, other deals will come your way.

Keep Focused with Your Real Estate

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Astro Flipping is a subsidiary of KeyGlee Investments. They are disposition experts and support lots of wholesalers who distribute their offers in their markets and get their deals done. This coaching system lets you double the cycle while doing little work. Astro Flipping will spice things up. The key is to maintain the “flip” by having a contact center scenario and having an individual to schedule appointments, analyze resources and scout properties. Then, having an employee visit those scouted properties and put in a list for you, this makes you have 5+ appointments in a day. In short, this course applies the notion that you keep active on what matters most.  Necessarily, reducing risk by enlarging visibility and increasing your leads. You could broaden your horizon by utilizing real estate agents by promising a proper referral commission and using them as resources.  This approach would render certain transactions successful because you have viewpoints thanks to the continuous flow. 

The Course Breakdown

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The Astro Flipping course comprises 10 ‘hours’ worth of information, which would run daily for six weeks. The first week of the project is about mentality; the second week describes real estate frameworks; the third week describes the Astro Flipping wholesale approach. A course bonus is the emails that would be sent to you because it offers customers, sellers, and other wholesalers how to manage each issue as well as contract models for each form of transaction. You could increase your development by having live calls with KeyGlee C.E.O and Astro Flipping pioneer Josiah Grimes as it is very beneficial when you speak to an investor live who has completed hundreds, maybe thousands of transactions.

Astro Flipping Vs. Wholesaling

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While Astro Flipping might look similar to wholesaling, it isn’t.  Astro Flipping is a concept that promotes a flipping pitch. You seek to focus on purchasers/investors for their properties for all wholesales in the city and then apply a slight discount on any switch. Essentially, it is co-wholesaling.  Wholesaling is the practice of rapidly buying and selling houses and sell to investors or buyers, typically far below the market value (the word wholesale). You will be associated with another wholesaler so that you will be taking part in a portion of each flip. For Astro Flipping, however, you will get the entire charge from the wholesale property for yourself. The presumed advantage of Astro Flipping is that you can eat at “everyone’s table” as opposed to wholesaling where your profit is limited to the properties bought or sold.

Final Thoughts

Astro Flipping is the next big thing in real estate. You seek to find buyers for a property from all the wholesale individuals in your area, and you apply a small markup to any sale. Essentially, this program is co-wholesaling on STEROIDS!

DOWNLOAD PDF: [Astro Flipping: Proven To Work]

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