Best Place to Buy Rental Property: Profit Immediately

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The selection of the best place to buy rental property is essential for real estate investors. You will need the best property to give a boost to your investment portfolio. Investment in the right properties will be a rewarding and exciting experience.

Remember, real estate may be a tough business. Investment should identify the best markets holding the greatest earning potential. It may lead to high ROI (return on investment) and consistent cash flow. If you want to invest in the best properties, make sure to consider important factors.


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When considering where the best place to buy rental property may be, it is important to realize an investment in real estate may be tricky. It is essential to choose the right balance between the current value and demand. Make sure to check the growth trends of particular areas. Some investors take an interest in markets with attractive growth.

Remember, these markets may be overpriced and oversaturated in some years. For this reason, you can select a market based on its projected growth. Markets with medium-growth can be sustainable in the future.

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You can invest in places with growing job opportunities to attract tenants. Check the local library of your selected area to confirm the availability of jobs. If major companies are announcing jobs for this area, it may be an excellent place to invest.

Best Time to Buy Rental Property

Best Place To Buy Rental Property: Profit Immediately
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Winter may be a good time to buy a rental property. This weather may put a chill on property investment. You will face lower competition with a similar inventory in the property market. Moreover, you can decrease the chances of over-asking prices and increase negotiating power with sellers.

Amenities and Future Development

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Visit the neighborhood to check out the gyms, restaurants, parks, and links of public transportation, movie theaters, and gyms. These perks will help you to attract new renters. You can get information on plans or developments from the municipal planning department.

An area with maximum construction probabilities may have excellent investment potential. Check out the new developments that could impact the cost of nearby properties. Moreover, new housing could be a competition for your property.

Best Places for Investment

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See the list of cities based on the growth rate, employment opportunity, housing demand, and amenities. Keep in mind that you we are focusing on the best place to buy rental property – not just property.

Orlando, Florida

Orlando is economically booming, with a 3.46% jump in jobs every year. Rent growth and population growth are equally impressive.

Orlando attracts migrating retirees, the tourist industry, and offers several jobs in the central Sun Belt zone of Florida. There are several beaches in a convenient driving distance.

Market Statistics for Housing

Population: 2.6 M

Average Monthly Rent: $1,486

Average Sales Price: $231,000

Unemployment Rate: 2.9%

Houston, Texas

With almost 7 million residents, the metro area of Houston is another attractive place for property investment. It is a business-friendly city with surprising economic growth and employment opportunities.

Index of Home Value: $205,600

Growth in Home Price: 4.6%

Rent Index: $1,591

Unemployment Rate: 3.2%

Charlotte, North Carolina

The Charlotte metro zone boasts jobs and growth of the population. Undoubtedly, it is a friendly city to start your business. With the increase in home prices, its gross rent is also increasing. It can be an attractive city for rental investors.

Rent Index: $1,420

Index of Home Value: $224,800

Unemployment Rate: 3.3%

Rate of Job Growth: 3.10%

Growth in Home Price: 6.9%

Cincinnati, Ohio

This city is famous for tourism; therefore, investors can’t lose their money. Dayton and Cincinnati are cheap, with a 25.1% decrease in home prices. Rising rents and healthy gross rent make it a fascinating city for investors.

Their low unemployment and healthy rate of job growth challenge the growth of anemic population. These sister metropolises have the amazing potential for rental performance in the future.

Value of Home Index: $169,900

Growth in Home Price: 7.5%

Rent Index: $1,336

Rent Growth: 3.25%

Unemployment Rate: 2.9%

Rate of Job Growth: 2.31%

Best Place to Buy Rental Property

Every state offers a fusion of potential cities for investment. You have to check neighborhoods and available properties. It takes lots of research and footwork. Once you find an ideal rental property, set some realistic expectations.

Keep an eye on the health of your finances because you have to wait for your property to begin generating cash. You have to set your investment strategies, management style, risk tolerance, and financial goals.

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