Chad Chiniquy’s Promising “Find Fund Flip” Program

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The “Find Fund Flip” Program is especially helpful with flipping real estate, a term used to describe the purchase of an income-generating asset and its quick resale for profit. The profit from flipping real estate is obtained either from buying at a low price and selling at a high price, often in a rapidly growing market or from buying a house that needs to be restored or repaired before reselling it for profit; this is known as a fix & flip.

The investor concludes a contract with the seller, the fixing part of the fix & flip, under which the seller agrees to sell the house to the investor at a negotiated price. Then the investor carries out the necessary repairs and reconstruction and will try to make a profit by quickly selling the house at a higher price, which is the flipping element of the fix & flip. This is the aim of the mentoring program by Chad Chiniquy. The program is aimed at you having a keen eye in spotting a potential flip, getting the required funds to carry out the rehabilitation without stress, and getting massive profits after selling the flip.

Who is Chad Chiniquy?

Chad Chiniquy Find Fund Flip

Chad Chiniquy was drawn in the real estate industry by opening his mind to the endless possibilities of flipping houses with his experience at a real estate company in the late 1980s. Chad has a successful lending company that has supported people throughout the country for over 20 years. He travels around the continent to educate people about investing in real estate and how to use credible sources for wealth generation. Chad’s residential and home addresses are located in San Diego, CA. He is a prominent public speaker with several ventures around the country and is an involved real estate developer. Chad Chiniquy owns a company called “The Find Fund Flip Systems.”

We found out that the find fund flip program would help in identifying market deals with the fewest competitors and how best to profit, assessing a potential flip, funding your flips without your credit, fixing and rehabilitating a property, determining the right time to sell a flip, and finding motivated sellers. However, it should be pointed out that funding strategies weren’t talked about in Chad Chiniquy’s program.

What the “Find Fund Flip” Program Includes

You may find this hard to believe, but the program costs $48k. The first session would be an intensive three-day workout at a Hotel Sheraton in Anaheim, CA. With a good instructor to put you through, you would learn the rudiments of flipping in detail. The next session was “Boots on the Ground” which lasted for two days. This session involved a drive-around with the instructor and an investor to areas in which a potential flip can be spotted. 

With new rehab insights being provided to you on the tour, reports, and written calculations, you can get a real sense for what you are getting into. The next day was in a class where you would learn about what you found and rehab approaches and methods you could carry out to be a success. The experience is very enlightening as long as you remain open-minded.

It’s a wrap

The program is an educational one that newbie flippers could try out although the price is relatively high. Overall, the “find fund flip” program is informative and insightful.

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