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Connected Investors Deal Dog Software

Deal Dog software points out right away that when investing in real estate  there is a general flow. It is true that all transactions and deals are distinct, but the primary components stay unchanged. At the heart of all successful real estate investors are multiple connections. These connections are needed for any deal. The sooner you recognize that your network decides your net worth, the better off you will be.   

b46657d89be0138d2451673fcaab4f5f3d07951dAccording to the Connected Investors (CI) website, Deal Dog is a “virtual bird-dog,” who searches the internet continuously, to bring investment opportunities to your doorstep in any investment market you choose.  Almost every second of every day, Deal Dog seeks lucrative deals on the web in the areas you choose. Every deal is handled by an Opportunity Analyzer and delivered directly to you. Furthermore, CI said that the Deal Dog software is the best and most straightforward means of locating cost-effective investment assets – little stress and big outcomes. Also, there seems to be an infinite range of possibilities when it comes to what you can choose.

But are all these claims true?

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There may be more to Connected Investors story.

Let’s break it down for you.

During our research, we uncovered that there were a few discrepancies in CI claim. Deal Dog software promises to scan the internet, shopping offers for you and takes you a fraction of the time to check for them. Shockingly, this was not the case at all. 

We found out that its web scouring is really limited and sometimes outdated – the last thing you want to do is waste time. For example, when we searched for a property in our area. It brought up limited answers from Craigslist,,,,, and Connected Investors website. The Deal Dog software brings up nothing new at all. Just the usual suspects are brought up in the searches. In our experience, this simply means that their algorithm simply scrapes everything and anything from Craigslist for a given area without considering any specific conditions. 

For locations beyond the searched area, hotels, retail properties, and residences are only classified on the searched map. There doesn’t seem to be a way that the Deal Dog software can obtain niche results so you have to press each to display the outcome in the original position on a new browser window. This is incredibly cumbersome because you can go to Craigslist and quickly filter the results and all are on one page.

Although CI notes that they have maintained an A+ ranking with BBB, most comments were about “Deal Dog” and “Really Flip” software.    All complaints were responded to immediately and refunds were promptly given. The general criticism from customers was that shadow advertisements were obtained from CI’s Deal Dog websites

Let’s analyze: Deal Dog Software

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We did further analysis and found this from CI’s terms and conditions the following statement, “We do not check or validate details posted by users and you carry out the operations at your own risk” also, “We do not take any blame for the user material (as described in section 15) or for the risks you suffer when communicating with other users”. On some level this is understandable, but no attempt at all to understand the deliverables the software provides its users is a bit extreme. This means that the company does not sufficiently check its records, and a significant percentage of details might be inaccurate or old.

There’s More

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More details when considering Deal Dog’s software.

Another detail we found in their Offer Dog Pitch on the CI ‘S website, in the FAQ section is “What should I do when I find a deal? Once you’ve identified a property using the Quick Formulas application to assess the house, BPO’s software for an effective appraisal, the Contract Software will connect the house. The flexibility of the Services might not be theoretically appropriate for endorsing legally binding contracts,  It may or might not be legally binding. You may run into legal difficulties. In my judgment, you should be working with an attorney in your local area to provide any legal documents.

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