The Odd Reality of Deal Zone Wealth Academy

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The Deal Zone Wealth Academy program is a free seminar to discover the unknowns about flipping and funding.

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Free Real Estate Seminar?

You get excited when you hear about a free real estate seminar, don’t you? The Deal Zone Wealth Academy Program is a 3-day seminar about flipping, funding, etc. It costs $400, and there is a full money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the program.

What is Deal Zone Wealth Academy?

Hosted by Patrick James (a school teacher turned real estate investor), the program promises to broaden your knowledge on the strategies used to invest in real estate properties without taking a dime from your funds. The program also teaches you how to get a 0% funding source for up to two years. (Note that the bulk of banks offer 0% interest on credit cards. If this technique is to be applied, please ensure that the credit cards are paid off before interest begins. Otherwise, you can pay an insane 18% – 24% rates or higher. For short term flips, 0% interest credit cards are perfect). This seminar is taught by Cherif Medawar a renowned real estate guru.

5-Step System for Success

deal zone wealth acaedmy steps for success
The steps to success with Deal Zone Wealth Academy

Based on our research, we discovered that the Deal Zone Wealth Academy Program features a 5-step system.

This includes:

  • Getting flipping deals over the line in 10 days by using its program tips and connections to flip properties. According to the program, this can be done by putting that property under contract immediately. That does not imply you’ll buy the property – it just ensures that you are within the right to acquire the property at a pre-set price on a pre-set date (usually ten days). You did not purchase the property; you just got the “option” to purchase it in the future. You didn’t invest money in the deal, no significant down payment, and you didn’t get a loan on the offer. Next, you offer the contract to a motivated buyer.
  • Purchasing 3-4 rental properties with no mortgage charges or bills.
  • Becoming a Gap Lender and earning a return assured by real estate of fifty percent a year. With specific savings plans, this is assured.
  • Taking advantage of tax deductions, i.e., only reimburse what you owe lawfully, not a cent extra.
  •  Attaining an organized way to real estate, i.e., having the right body for your real estate investments to safeguard your resources.

You Get Access Too!

An extra gain is you will be given access to one of their trusted lenders regardless of your credit score as the loan would be paid off the flipping deal rather than your credit.   

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