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If you have ever wondered how to flip houses in Dallas, we have the answer for you. House flips were flat in the first quarter from a year ago at Dallas-Fort Worth and across the country. But, as shown in a new Attom Data Solutions report, D-FW has still finally ended up among the largest U.S. metro markets with the largest house shifts in the first quarter of 2019. 

In the first quarter of the same span last year, flip houses in Dallas and in the U.S. dropped. Investors and fixer-uppers domestic resales dropped 8% over the first half of 2018 across the country. The flip houses in Dallas were 2% lower, year after year, in the D-FW area. The ninth-largest estimate for over 135 markets, Attom Data, was surveyed in more than 1,100 D-FW homes in the quarter.

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Attom Data qualifies flips as a single-family home or condo sale, which resulted in any purchase for the arms-length occurring within a year of a previous transaction for the arms-length on the same property. The number of domestic changes in the country has decreased in recent years due to rising domestic prices and a reduction in the stock of small and medium-priced housing. Attom Data analysts said that some investors may have preferred to stay back. In the first quarter, Attom Data found that 7.5% of D-FW total domestic demand were flipped. That’s the same as the global amount. 

Flip houses in Dallas: the average person

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The average property-flipper in North Texas earned $30,588 — the price having gone down from the previous $39,000 a year ago. The average return on the economy was around 60,000 dollars. On average, from one year ago and in the area of D-FW, it took almost six months to flip the house again.

The metro lines with more than 1500 first quarter of revenue according to Attom Data were Phoenix, New York, Atlanta, and Miami. There were major annual percentage benefits in some markets, including Columbus, Ga. (up 93%), Raleigh, N.C. (up 73%), and Charlotte, N.C. (up 65%). Among major Texas metro stations, San Antonio held the largest share of home flips in the first quarter (8.1%), while Austin had only 4.9% of the market’s smallest share. In the early months of 2019, over 3,000 houses were flipped in Texas.

Looking for Dallas or Fort Worth houses to fix and flip? There is a high number of opportunities! An “ATTOM Data Solutions” home flip report issued in March 2018 highlights Dallas-Fort Worth as one of the most advanced areas for fixing and flipping in the world.  The house flipping rate for DFW, which is a percentage of total house sales bought to fix and flip, increased in 2017 by 23% compared to 2016. The three top locations to flip houses in Dallas-Fort Worth include:

Zip Code 76119

In Fort Worth, the 76119 zip code possesses one of DFW ‘s highest house flipping rates. 19.5% were due to fixed and flipped-up homes of total domestic sales in 2017. Compared to 2016, this rate increased dramatically by 62%. The Gross ROI of 76119 is also the strongest of 81.1%. The average total gross profit was $53,119, and generally 130 days of fixed and conflict life. Glencrest Civic League and Forest Hill are neighborhoods to be sought in this area. 

 Zip code 76105

One other zip code for Fort Worth, 76105, has one of the highest flipping prices. In 2017, this high point reached 20.%, up from 46% in 2017. Gross ROI was extraordinarily strong at 93.%, quite close to 76,119. A large amount of profit from rolling over a house in 76105 recorded $47,820, and investors typically had approximately 125 days to repair and sell the property. The neighborhoods of interest in 76105 are Polytechnic Heights and Burchill.

Zip code 75216

While Dallas’ 75216 zip code reduced its house flip rate year over year to just 13%; the Gross ROI was significantly higher at 67.6%. It took 157 days for the remedy, and the average gross profit was $43,164. The result was the average. 75216 lies in the central south of Dallas and is governed mainly by the district of Cedar Crest.

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