Flip2Freedom: Pros and Cons

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Flip2Freedom provides plenty of outstanding knowledge for wholesaling, house flipping, and finding off-market properties.

Flip2Freedom Offers A Way Out

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In our world today, there is a growing pandemic where we have seen so many people whose employers (or even their own companies) enslave them by practically taking away their independence. Our world today seems fixed. Go to school, get a good job, and work your tail off so you can live a comfortable life when you retire. Every day you work and have a feeling that there has to be more to your life, a better way to achieve it than to play an employee’s part and sell your time and talents just to make your employer wealthier. But why not choose to dictate your own life and lead your lifestyle? This program is what Flip2Freedom offers.

Flip2Freedom was founded by Sean Terry, a former United States Marine who was honorably discharged after many medals for outstanding motivation and leadership. He purchased his first apartment complex 17 years ago. When he was 22, after leaving the Marine Corp., he started a prosperous six-year marketing business that produced a revenue of $5,000,000 annually. Across the nation, he opened six branches, including Pensacola, Naples, Raleigh, Jacksonville, Cleveland, and Phoenix. Owing to the performance of the conference, Sean Terry was appointed by the parent organization to inspire and educate sales staff in the U.S.

Strategies of Flip2Freedom

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According to our research, the Flip2Freedom strategy concentrates on wholesale via the discovery of off-market assets. To locate off-market properties, Sean Terry utilizes direct mail and several other approaches. These methods can be used for flipping houses as this strategy breaks down flipping. Sean is a wholesaler and a really good one at that. He not only preaches his methods, but he employs them as well.

Sean’s program covers wholesaling, using direct mailing, and google ad-words to find off-market assets. He also teaches purchasing HUD houses at low prices, writing contracts, speaking, and negotiation processes with sellers. Furthermore, he covers things like closing in on properties, drawing out and finding a potential buyers list, and flipping houses instead of wholesaling. Fix2Flip offers bonus content, which includes behavioral and aspirations articles, motivational images, and videos telling people how to act in a successful manner and measures to be taken during real estate investments.

Should You Subscribe?

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Subscribing to the Flip2Freedom package would be time well spend and good use of resources. It requires your patience and effort to go through the training, and if you want to be successful, you have to devote yourself to it and take action. The program is mainly focused on videos, and it can be difficult for non-video-oriented people. Although, you can also read the extra material provided to you even though you may not benefit much as it isn’t the same with watching the video. In our judgment, there is very little that is innovative about the sales page of Flip2Freedom. It is the same as other sales pages, so do not expect anything new.

My Suggestion

Flip2Freedom provides plenty of outstanding knowledge for wholesaling, house flipping, and many more.   We strongly suggest Flip2Freedom to find an off-the-market property and wholesale resources with a system that will lead you through the flips phase.

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