The Startling Reality of Flipping houses in Philadelphia

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Flipping houses in Philadelphia, meaning Philadelphia’s real estate market, is one of the best markets in the country. A growing real estate trend in Philadelphia is house flipping. You need to buy, renovate, and sell for profit. Selling for profit may be a problem in Philadelphia. Why? Flipping houses in Philadelphia is simply getting attention there. Real estate investors in Philly are afraid of testing the waters.

Profit margins are getting higher in Philadelphia. A solidified market strategy allows real estate investors to get more foreclosures. This is possible since they’re priced a bit lower in that area. They use Zillow and other real estate websites.

Good leads are necessary for Philadelphia – they draw in homeowners willing to sell. Having a website makes the search less stressful. Using direct mail to target non-occupied properties is another option.

Flipping houses in Philadelphia – the formula

flipping houses in philadelphia

The general flipping formula in Philadelphia is trying to buy at 70% of what you can sell the property. The goal is to make a 20% profit. So, you’ll have 10% that you make in holding costs, utilities, interests, and closing costs on the back end.

In Philadelphia, more people are getting into the flipping game. In late 2019, Philadelphia ranked as one of the highest for flipping profitability. This was out of the 149 US markets with at least one million people. Attom Data Solutions carried out the research. So, what makes flipping houses in Philadelphia so profitable? It’s a combination of things. The purchase prices are cheap compared to lots of other places. The median home price and the overall Pittsburgh region is about $160,000. A new economy and a booming technology attract lots of new buyers to the region.

The flippers at Philadelphia have a general rule of the trade. They do not put any contingencies on the deal. These means don’t expect property first. An absolute red flag for flippers in Philadelphia is foundations. Any foundation problems or structural issues are avoided by flippers in this area. They like openness as a design trend in Philadelphia. This consists of fireplaces and exposed bricks. A typical flipped house in Philly uses the Grey color for the interior.

Another challenge flippers face in Philadelphia is getting a crew of contractors. Renovation costs are a little high in Philadelphia. Construction workers in Philly charge high. An average construction worker in Philadelphia earns around $56,000.

The best place to flip houses in Philadelphia today:

the best place to flip houses
Philadelphia downtown cityscape with Schuylkill River, United States

Philly’s Strawberry Mansion was once a dilapidated, abandoned, and crime-ridden community. It has become as beautiful as its name means. The city plans to rebuild old and dangerous buildings. This is possible due to the Neighborhood Transformation initiative that started twenty years ago.

The project entails good education, new retail outlets, and several family-friendly services. This aims at enhancing and attracting people to the area. This means the median home sales will rise. This renovation in the area re-establishes its popularity. Strawberry Mansion is fostering a young family attraction and is attracting millennials. It is one of the nation’s high rising first time home-buyer demographic. If you plan to flip houses in Philly, you should check out this place.

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