Flipster: Is It Reliable?

Flipster: Is It Reliable?

Despite what you may have heard, flipping houses is simple. First, find a discounted home, then flip it for a profit. The problem is most people get stuck at step one or sidetracked on the way to step two, Flipster changes all of that. If you haven’t heard of Flipster, it’s an outstanding wholesaling and house flipping software.

About Flipster

Would You Like Instant Access to Every Under-Priced House in the Country?

Founded by Jerry Norton, Flipster is designed to take you to the next level fast. According to flipstersoftware.com, It’s like Google, but for cheap houses that you can flip for profit. Just type in your zip code, and in seconds you’ll see everything you could hope for:

  • Absentee owners
  • Out-of-state owners
  • Very high equity leads
  • Prospective sellers
  • On-market MLS leads
  • Craigslist leads
  • Pre-foreclosure leads

Don’t worry if you are new and all these different types of leads don’t make sense just yet. Over your real estate career, you will learn the value of each. Suffice it to say that all this is available at your fingertips, 24 hours a day, and 365 days a year. This data is uploaded daily, which means you get access to the best deals first before your competition. Not only that, but you also get the property details on each house and phone number and email addresses to the sellers. That means you can market to them for free, without spending money on expensive direct mail campaigns.

Flipster & Pricing

While using Flipster, we discovered that it does just as it claims to find offers, and has a lot of useful resources for handling flips (contractor forecasts, deal generator, etc.), and links to various options for financing. This is where many early real estate investors get stuck. As you can imagine there is more to it, then simply point-and-shoot. For example, you also need to do research (run the correct tests, reach out to prospective buyers, etc.). However, the app lets you optimize multiple operations.

There is an offer for a 15 days free trial. Even if you don’t have the money just yet for this, I would recommend you try the free trial and see what may want to shoot for once you have access to the additional capital. You can cancel before the trial ends and you will not be charged if you do not want to proceed using Flipster. Otherwise, for as long as your account is accessible, you’ll be charging $97/Month, $197/Month, or $397/Month (different prices for different tiers). You may still renew, uninstall, or cancel. One difficulty most investors have is that there are too many resources to be used, so people get confused.

Bringing buyers and lenders together

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Does Flipster bring buyers and lenders together?

We also discovered that Flipster also includes cash buyers and private lenders in every market in the US that means you can quickly wholesale houses for $10,000 or rehab houses for $25,000 to $50,000 per deal. You can market to all your cash buyers at once using email, SMS, text blast, ringless voicemail, or all three like seller leads. You get their phone numbers and emails and pre-written scripts and templates. This report is available on your property details page. As a professional report with comps, property info, and map images, it makes you look like a pro and gets cash buyers pulling out their wallets. Then it was time for the fun part, getting paid within Flipster, using a tool called assignment generator pro.

Flippster Provides Quality Training

Flipster is awesome for making easy profits
Get education by experts on demand.

With this software, you also get access to dozens of tutorial videos that are top-notch, support system, and the Flipster training center with some of the best training programs on fix and flips, wholesaling new construction, doing deals virtually and working with agents.

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