The Frenzy of Flip or Flop

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Flip or Flop: What is it?

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Flip or Flop is the HGTV TV series hosted by Tarek El Moussa and Christina Anstead, who were once married to each other. The series is the pioneer program of the Flip or Flop show. The series was renewed for a ninth season on the 12th of December 2019. It will run till August 2020.   

The two were married real estate agents in Orange County, CA. After the 2008 real estate crash, they started to flip houses in Orange County. Tarek asked a friend to create an audition tape for HGTV in 2011, which films an entire episode of the flipping house method from the beginning to the end. The audition tape was forwarded to HGTV, and the couple signed for Flip or Flop in 2012. Christina Anstead works with Tarek to find and renovate houses; Christina’s primary focus is on design. She manages the layout of the new areas.  

The show is about flipping with Tarek and Christina El Moussa, leaving viewers wowed. At the same time, they buy a crappy property with money, then restructure and rehabilitate them then proceeding to resell them by flipping. You get to watch their success and mistakes down the line.

Flip or Flop: The Training

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A team from Holton-Wise went for a seminar ran by the Flip or Flop pair called Success Path and gave their review. According to them, the workshop was attended by approximately 65 to 75 people. Mike was the name of the host. A charming conversationalist. During the seminar, they preserved their real estate experience to themselves. It became clear that there was little to no property background for the majority of the crowd, and Mike worked well with that.

Mike started with REO’s. Mike showed REOs flipping in a good light, not citing any disadvantages and saying it was the “best thing since sliced bread,” throwing out big numbers to get the audience excited.

It is an immersive seminar, as Mike claimed it would be. However, he welcomed engagement and immediately disregarded every issue posed by the crowd to discourage his rosy view of the project. One of the team members asked some questions to try and take some sort of transparency from Mike. The problem was about the 100% return for the $31,000 REO, which was priced off at $87,000. “How could it be over 100%, there would be a need to correct it”. This question was met with a hard face and then easily diverted.

Success Path – Maybe Not

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According to the team, the seminar was filled with many incorrect and misinterpreted facts that were about hard money lenders. The audience was encouraged that they could purchase property without funds, credit, job, or expertise. To access these lenders, all they had to do is become a student of Success Path. He also went on to talk about another seminar, which would last for three days and would cost around $5,997. Mike discovered some questions asked were going against the motives of the workshop, so he asked all questions to be written down on a piece of paper. Mike proceeded to tell the crowd of a hidden list of banks with FDIC issues. This list costs $10,000, but being a student of Success Path, you get this list for free. In about 2 minutes, the team could draft out the so-called hidden list from Google.

The Training Program is a Flop

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In conclusion, we could deduce that the pair (Tarek and Christina) have linked their names to a system that employs powerful techniques and a fact misinterpretation to reach individuals that are vulnerable and easily exploited. They cash in on the hard-earned money of others by misleading them with Training offered by Success Path. Simply put, it is a FLOP!

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