Gorilla Capital: How the Program Works

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Gorilla Capital supports real estate investors through finance.

Gorilla Capital: Their Program

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Relationship is the key

It takes intentional steps to keep a relationship. This is the basic terms of how Gorilla Capital program works. They strive as much as possible to keep a valuable relationship with the individual behind the project (Operator). Meanwhile, Gorilla capitals program is a fix & flip program that provides innovative funding coupled with a full suite of back-office support to experienced fix & flip investors.

A Partner Plan with Gorilla Capital

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Gorilla Capital isn’t just funding projects. They are funding projects with their funding model for single-family residential projects. In terms of acquisition and remodel costs, Gorilla capital program provides 90%. In comparison, the remaining 10% is provided by the fix & flip operator. They pay a regular(monthly) 1% maintenance fee for the fact that your capital is in operation, Meanwhile, For all the money in use, fix & flip operator earns 12% per annum upon closing, This program split the remaining profit 50/50.

My Point-of-View

The system seems relatively straightforward. This is particularly the case for anyone starting without a lot of money. We would encourage them to be part of a flip, of course. As we all know, there are scams out there, but this doesn’t seem to be one.  

Make More with Less

If you are looking for a fix & flip project to stretch your time and money, the Gorilla capital program provider creates more ease and opportunity. This program owns 100% of the project in limited liability company, which also includes other rates and many terms and conditions, for instance, this program charges 14.99% (different rates for different products) for every fund they lend the operator. And other conditions like rehab could be included.

They are not just funding projects. They fund the operator, the person behind the project. They want to talk to the operator, keep a relationship with him/her, and see if they can work together and be successful together.

Be Prepared to Share Your Details

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Be ready to share sensitive information

Although they have their setbacks, this program supports the individual with finances but later charge the individual with different charges in the middle of the project. They tend to pay more money for hard costs like materials and labor. They revoke terms and conditions easily during the project once they notice the project is going south on interest. Operators were required to give their personal and confidential information before any plan could kickstart, such as driver’s license, social security numbers, bank statements, and other sensitive information to secure the deal.

Gorilla Capital Program Vs. Hard Money

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According to our research, there’s no glaring difference between Gorilla Capital program and hard money loan (HML) from private lenders. Consider them similar with slight variations.

Up to 90% of the acquisition and remodeling fund is provided by Gorilla capital program, Hard money lenders may or may not offer 90% of the fund, depends if the operator is willing to come up with the remaining amount. There is a monthly charge of 1% by the management of Gorilla capital program, which is 12% per annum, the same as the charges by many hard money lenders.

This is where the difference comes. The remaining profit split into 50:50 by Gorilla Capital program is quite different from Hard money lenders. In the case of the HML, the operator gets to keep 100% of the profit made, whereas the hard lenders make a profit through the interest they charge. Both take money upfront to protect their investments.

This Program Is Preferred

the power of gorilla capital

Overall, the Gorilla Capital program supports its investment and its operators. They accomplish this by providing funds despite the numbers of terms and condition governing the investment. In general, they tend to form a strong bond with their operators by financing the individual behind the project. In our estimation, the Gorilla Capital program is preferable to many hard lenders in terms of profit made.

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