Josh Cantwell’s Flipping Program

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Josh Cantwell’s Flipping Program is the most specialized curriculum for students in real estate in the sector, which both test and empowers them to develop their business and maintain their dream lifestyle.

Josh Cantwell’s Flipping Program


For everything in life, one has to put in the work and effort necessary. This outlook is how Josh Cantwell’s program teaches his student. It’s popularly known as the 40k flip. Josh’s Flipping Program is an online course that teaches a practical step-by-step guide for transforming the financial future of investors by making smart investments in real estate.

Who is Josh Cantwell?

Josh Cantwell's flipping program

Josh Cantwell is the head honcho of Strategic Real Estate Coach (SREC). He has purchased, fixed, and flipped more than six-hundred houses. He’s a fulltime businessman. His team has over seventy-four years of experience in the trenches, having signed more than 5,286 transactions and raked in more than $59 million dollars to benefit. Josh actively partners with businessmen and even students to sign the real estate contracts in twenty-five other nations, though his home base in Northeast Ohio.

Wherever one lives, Josh is the guy to show how to search, structure, negotiate, and close real estate deals for a significant profit. Focusing on four key revenue pillars (real estate owners, short sales, lease options, motivated buyers) sharp concept is consistently able to outsell their much more significant competition. He is using the proprietary VIP seller home liquidation marketing and sales plan. His ideas allow Josh to sell his homes sixteen days faster and at a nine percent higher than the average MLS sales.

Flipping Program: You Have the Wrong Idea

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This program helps to get the thinking straight about flipping

Our research showed that Josh Cantwell’s Flipping Program communicates that people have the wrong idea about flipping real estate, about what the most critical piece of the puzzle is. There are many rules about flipping that this program has shed light on; first is that new real estate investors must have money, and the other is, the money doesn’t have to belong to the investor.

Students in the program learned about how to raise the capital for real estate investing. They teach the basics of the capital generating system by using their flipping business. His students ramp up their investment capital knowledge and ability to find a partner since Josh Cantwell’s Flipping Program is all about generating capital and getting other business people on board to help students establish a successful business.

Josh Cantwell Empowers Others

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The first step to success is motivation

Josh Cantwell’s Flipping Program explains in detail the basics of real estate investment to new investors. It’s pretty informative for someone new to flipping. The insight given by this program on finding private lenders is good. Subscribers can have lifetime access to this information if they did not cancel on the service, and it can be used as a guide later on in their real estate investment career.

However, if you are a student with a limited social circle looking to find private lenders, don’t expect to be helped with this program. If that is not you, then you are in luck. Josh Cantwell’s Flipping Program has a great teaching style, comprehensive beginning to end explanation, excellent customer service, live-time reviewing of training, and, most of all, a 40k forum.

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