Justin Williams House Flipping: The powerful, Six-Figure Mindset

Justing williams house flipping featured

The Justin Williams House Flipping program talks about flipping and a bit of wholesaling. The program provides subscribers a great flipping formula. This program gives an insight into the fundamentals of house flipping.

Over twelve weeks, you would learn about:

  1. Introduction to house flipping.
  2. Inventory, meaning the kind of houses to buy.
  3. Farm areas, meaning the location where you should buy houses.
  4. The Four pillars of house flipping.
justin williams house flipping

The Justin Williams House Flipping program began with the first section, which is the introduction to house flipping. According to Justin Williams, house flipping in its simplest form is buying a house at one price then selling it at a higher price. You would be taught about wholesaling. The wholesaling lecture could take up to a week. Wholesaling, according to Justin Williams, is where you tie up a property and you sell the contract. Wholesaling means you sell the rights to that contract. The course of the section also talks about rehabbing. Justin Williams would point out the differences and similarities between flipping, wholesaling, and rehabbing.

The program talks about how house flipping works. He pointed out an instance where you think you’re getting a discount on a house, but are in fact not. He said you should be careful because you might be buying it above its actual value. According to him, flipping is adding value to the house through upgrades and repairs. You should be careful when estimating the cost of buying a house.

Justin Williams would warn you to steer clear of gurus. They preach to you that you could buy houses for pennies on the dollar which is not entirely true. Justin Williams pointed out that flipping isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. There is no ultimate flipping formula. He said some people came to him to ask if he can guarantee them their money back in a month if they joined the program. Justin Williams sternly looked at everyone and said NO. He said you have to fail sometimes so you can learn faster.

Wholesaling in The Justin Williams House flipping program:

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Justin Williams House Flipping covered wholesaling. He assured everyone that they were speeding up their learning process with this program. He noted that it was possible to get a house under contract within a month. Justin said it is possible within two weeks, but he doesn’t want to push anyone far. He was being realistic. At last, he pointed out ways to get financing in house flipping.

The next section was about inventory. According to Justin Williams, focus on houses that have a large buyer pool. He made an example of his purchases in California. He said the amount he would pay for houses on the outskirts of California would be different from a coastal county. He pointed out that coastal counties have a larger buyer pool than the outskirts. The coastal counties are more in-land than the outskirts. This makes more people attracted to them.

He added that those beginner flippers should go for entry-level houses. Going for expensive house flips could be a problem for beginners. He told beginner flippers to take their time when it comes to purchasing a potential flip. He finally said that you can buy newer houses. He said you should think “easy paint and carpet” in today’s market if you’re looking in the MLS.

He proceeded to the farm area section. Justin Williams said the farm area is the location of your potential flip(s). It could be a city, zip code, county, or state. He added that this is the area in which you are going to focus on. Picking a farm area close to you is vital, he added. Justin said that the farm area should be 30 minutes or at least one hour from you.

the four pillars of flipping


According to Justin Williams house flipping, the important four pillars of flipping are:

  1. Buying.
  2. Financing.
  3. Rehabbing.
  4. Selling.

You can separate these four pillars into different sections. Yet, they work together.

Buying covers two weeks and you can divide it into two parts:

  1. Deal analysis.
  2. Acquisition methods.

The most important pillar

Justin said that buying is the most important pillar. You can run an entire business if you know how to buy. If buying is the most important pillar then deal analysis is the foundation of everything. Without it, you’re dead in the water. Deal analysis is the understanding of what to offer on a property, understanding returns, and projected profit.

In Justin Williams house flipping he talked about all the different methods of buying. How you can make offers on the MLS or how you can work with agents. He further talked about real estate on REO properties, short sales, and trustee cells.

Justin covered the different kinds of financing ranging from private money to hard money. Rehabbing was a highlight topic. He talked about hiring contractors, estimating, and finalizing repairs. He dived into direct selling through direct mail, direct marketing, and online marketing. He rounded it up by telling subscribers the ways of identifying a motivated seller. If you enjoy the straight forward approach to what Justin Williams House Flipping represents then we would recommend you investigate further.

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