Power Flipper 3x: Is it Worth It?

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Power Flipper 3x: Learn to Close Deals

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Power Flipper 3x is a program to enlighten you on how to achieve financial freedom by flipping houses. Purchasing this program gives you access to strategies about closing deals and getting your finder’s fee. Also included is the Deal Genie which will review and evaluate all your deals saving both money and time. An automated Deal finder which sends you prime real estate selections is also included. You get access to Jerry Norton’s finances, which would help you keep all profits for yourself. This program comes with other bonuses like “Fix and Flip riches Training,” “Realtor Shortcuts,” etc.

Jerry Norton – Who Is He?

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According to his website, Jerry Norton is the owner of the education organization Flipping Mastery (one of the programs they offer is Power Flipper 3x), which helped students flip more than $100 million in real estate properties. Jerry started in rural Michigan, where he dug holes as a construction worked and in his 20’s and became a self-made millionaire by the age of 30.

Jerry likes to tell people about his real estate structures and strategies. Still, his core passion and an enduring appeal are to empower people to attain the financial independence that they have always craved. In addition to educating people on methods to achieve success in real estate, he specializes in wholesale, fixing, and flipping houses and the construction of new buildings and development projects for several millions of dollars.   

Get $10k with Power Flipper 3x

Purchasing this program, we discovered that he provides all the tools to identify, assess, and predict rehabilitation, bidding contacts, etc. His proof of funds is also updated monthly. You can find brilliant deals with his user-friendly program and submit to Jerry. If you tick all the boxes and he closes the deal, you get a 10k finder’s fee.

Power Flipper 3x – Details

Although there are those insightful templates on it, the program is designed to restrict the way you search for and send deals. Submitting into the Deal genie, you get realtors to find your transactions, and you have access to only five comps. As you know, realtors don’t work for free. The program also includes a phone call from a supposed “coach” who makes matters worse by not directly answering your questions. In general, the coaches weren’t able to show you the fundamentals or tell you anything about wholesaling. Some of the little things he says about wholesaling are illegal in some states in the USA, so you have to be careful.

Moreover, each subsystem is about how to apply deals using his Power Flipper 3x program. As you know, purchasing this program gets you a proof of funds letter, but individual companies do not recognize it because bank records are not presented. It’s just a letter that says Jerry Norton’s company financially supports you.

Better Business Bureau Feedback

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Sometimes it is hard to believe positive reviews if there is no option for negative review

Although his BBB rating is high, with excellent feedback, the reason is that in their terms and conditions, it says that if you say anything bad or leave a negative review, they are going to sue you.

What we learned from this is that it is challenging to find people in real estate who are willing to teach you anything significant. Jerry Norton is a “guru,” and he doesn’t want the competition. Don’t expect that he will reveal all of his secrets to you.

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