9 blissful Ways of a Real Estate Investment Group

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If you are ready to become a landlord, you can join a real estate investment group. By joining a real estate investment group, it will help you to achieve your dream of financial independence. Everyone dreams of becoming financially independent as soon as possible.

real estate investment group: Time to Get Pay Back

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After 5 to 6 months, you may put 10% down on the property and turn it into our rental. It will help you to increase your properties gradually. We learned about searching and screening tenants, drafting and signing leases, and managing our belongings on the internet. People may find you crazy because of the limited expertise and experience of landlords.

Profitable Properties

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After six years, your properties will be standing and profitable. They are on the excellent track to completely pay off on a faster timeline. The results will be great because you can earn a handsome amount. After paying off the properties, we have almost $2,000 per month as a passive income.

Learn from Your Mistakes

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Our tenants paid off their money for our properties. It was a good experience, and we also made some mistakes during our journey. There are numerous things that we could do differently.

Unfortunately, we still have to learn lots of things because we are not professional landlords. Anyone who wants to become a landlord should learn a few things, such as:

Exploding Property Taxes

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After owning our rentals, our first lesson was scary and exploding property taxes. It was a scary day when I opened the property tax bill for our 1st rental and realized that the property taxes went up to almost 300% overnight.

I was aware of the boost in property tax, and I got an exemption from my state on the primary residence. I know that it would not apply to other properties. It was a new thing for me that the tax caps on rented properties were higher than primary residence and homesteads.

Renter Can Damage Your Property

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You may hear some horror stories about the damage by renters. I was aware of these things but not expecting to face these things at a personal level. It was really stressful because our tenants broke their lease abruptly and moved out in the winter. When I visited the property for a final walk-through, it was a horrific view. I was unable to find the doors of my house. My carpet, which was brand new when I handover my house to my tenants, was so greasy and stained. The front door was broken, and the frame was haphazardly glued back together to hide it.

Learn the Importance of Good Tenants

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The most horrible scene was the broken front window. I was not expecting all this, and it was hard for me to believe in my eyes. I found out that the head of my tenant’s family had packed all her stuff up and left numerous months ago.

It was difficult for the rest of the family members to manage things, which led to destruction. We finally replaced and fixed everything in our home. I learned a valuable lesson from all this that good tenants are as valuable as gold.

Careful Selection of Tenants

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After spending more than $5,000, we learned that we have to be careful in the selection of tenant. We learn to appreciate good renters who take good care of our house. It is okay to set some rules for your tenant families, but be careful while selecting them.

In my opinion, screening is a crucial stage for every landlord. In this book, you will find out how to screen your tenants for the rented property and learn lots of financing methods.

Take an Appropriate Action

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Property investment is an important task. Try to invest in the best income-producing rentals.  No doubt, the acquisition of duplex can be a nightmare. You can purchase an affordable property. There is no need to invest in a luxurious home.

Cash flow is an essential concept for a real estate investment group. You may get several great deals on investment properties. It is important to determine whether a property can generate positive cash flow. Without positive cash flow, you can’t earn money. With the right investment, you will be able to increase your assets.

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