11 Best Place to Invest In Rental Property In America

The selection of the best place to invest in rental property is a significant commitment. By choosing the best place to invest in rental property, you can create a reliable income stream. It proves helpful in building long-term equity. If you want the best place to invest in rental property in America, here are some great options.

best place to invest in rental property: starting in Atlanta, Georgia

best place to invest in rental property; Atlanta, Georgia

It can be one of the best places to invest in real estate. With a 4.0% population growth, it is a boomtown in America. This city has great potential to become another Silicon Valley. The population of the city may increase to 4% in two years. There will be a 14.1% jump in home values and a 5.1% increase in rental yield.

Arlington, Texas

arlington, texas

Arlington is famous for its impressive growth rate, such as 0.43%. The employment growth is 7.55%, along with a 15.60% rental yield. The median price of homes is almost $240,000. Investors of rental properties will find great potential in Arlington.

This city has the University of Texas and numerous sports stadiums. These stadiums are famous for MLB (Texas Rangers) and NFL (Dallas Cowboys). It drives jobs with lots of entertainment and sports. You will find it an excellent place for short-term rental properties.

Atlanta, Georgia

atlanta, georgia

With 2.42% population growth, Atlanta is an essential name in the list of best places to buy an investment property. This city features a 9.64% rental yield and 1.19% employment growth. Away from the city center, the yield may increase to almost 12.46%.

Remember, growing numbers are low. The city is consistently growing, and rental yields show a steady percentage. For the best earning opportunities, you can choose Atlanta.

Jacksonville, Florida

jacksonville, florida

Jacksonville is a large city with a 3.1% population growth. The employment rate is 3.2%, and it is better than several other places. Investors will get sufficient opportunities. The average price of a home is $207,000.

You will find a consistently growing market in Jacksonville, Florida. The present occupancy for housing units is almost 89%. No doubt, you can earn good money with rental properties.



The population of Denver may grow to almost 4 percent in the upcoming years. Moreover, the employment growth rate can be 2.8%. It can be the best real estate market to invest in. Employment and growth rates are impressive for potential investors.

Houston, Texas

houston, texas

The population of Houston is over 6.5 million, along with a 10.12% growth rate. The annual growth in housing is 6.3%. Moreover, the average prices of homes are $200,900. These numbers indicate a profitable property investment. The population of Houston is growing consistently.

Tampa, Florida

tampa, florida

The population of this area is 2.9 million, along with a 4.8% employment rate. The average prices of homes are $208,400. The annual rate of growth is 1.4%, along with 9.9% housing growth. The unemployment rate in this area is 4.8%. Remember, Tampa has a promising employment growth.

Columbus, Ohio

columbus, ohio

The population growth is 2.3%, along with a 7.9% rental yield. For investors, Columbus has excellent potential. You can invest your property in this city. Remember, growth rates may slower than other cities, but the rental yield is impressive. The average price of a home is $179,900. For this reason, investors can get in quality property investments.

Boise, Idaho

boise, idaho

It is another fastest growing city with 3.08% population growth. The employment growth is almost 2.61%. You can notice a consistent influx of people. Boise offers several gains and opportunities in the housing market.

Several tech companies are moving to this city to avoid the excessive cost. You will find Payocity, Vynyl, and Clearwater Analytics. If you want to invest in the property, feel free to choose this city.

Phoenix, Arizona

phoenix, arizona

With 4% population growth, Phoenix has impressive metrics. It is an attractive place for rental property investors. In this capital city, you will get lots of amenities. This area is famous for the cultural museum, zoos, hiking trails, botanical gardens, and major tourism markets. You can easily find new residents for your rental properties.

St. Petersburg, Florida

St. Petersburg, Florida

The population growth of this city is 3.3%, along with 2.3% employment growth. It is one of the best places to invest in rental properties. Remember, the value of homes is increasing at an impressive rate, such as 14.6%.

Population growth may be slower than in other cities, but it is an attractive place. It has terrific earning potential for real estate investors.

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