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Want to know what Fixters evaluation software is? If you talk about flipping houses a lot and want the financial freedom it can give you, or if you love designing and you enjoy finding home deals, then the “Fixters Evaluation” software is for you. Fixters software is a complete and affordable system for beginner flippers. It offers expert coaching, property searches, and training.

fixters evaluation software

With the Fixters software, you can evaluate in three minutes. The reason is that the software has over 35,000 zip codes of material and labor pricing. It is built to give you an accurate price on its remodel cost. The second evaluation refines your first evaluation’s pricing. It is to make sure the property worth putting an offer in.

why the Fixters’ software can help

When you log into your account, all the properties that you evaluate, put through a scope of work, or do a project tracking, is going to be there. You can have multiple page properties saved. You can join the fixers community to share your project and get advice from other flippers. Fixters further allow you to can apply for Fixters capital funding. You can get pro-coaching where we have people to help you with your flipping questions. The pro-coaching helps with your financing questions. During the evaluation process, you get a Zestimate. You may not like Zestimates, but it is a good place to start if you’re not a licensed real estate agent.

The next process is to determine if you are to pay for the property or get a loan. Fixters software gives you the total loan breakdown. This breakdown includes down payment on the purchase price, the loan amount, and origination fees. You can change the holding time for the property. Increasing the holding time increases expenses on the property.

The after-repair value

The Fixters Evaluation Software repair
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The next process is determining the after-repair value. The after-repair value is the worth of the house after fixing. After this, you calculate what the exit costs are going to be. Exit costs are Realtor fees, title fees, etc. The exit costs could be five percent or six percent. You want to keep track of all our costs so you know your true profits. The Fixters software further looks at insurance utilities and HOA.

The next thing is to determine the overall finished level. That could be either a light remodel or a full remodel. A good remodel is good as it tells you all the things that go with that remodel.

After this, you can update the mechanicals. Doing this changes all the costs. The profit might improve or not, depending on what you changed.

All the prices on the Fixters software are zipcode specific. A lot of those prices could be the same since they’re near one another. Zipcode specific, meaning labor and material pricing includes this price; they’re not separate.

Concluding Notions

After using the Fixters evaluation software, you can make an offer on the house. Consult your real estate agent or a contractor to make sure things are right. Overall, the Fixters evaluation software is a simple, easy tool for house flipping.

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