Scott Yancey Real Estate Program: A Shocking Scam?

Scott Yancey Real Estate Program featured

The Scott Yancey real estate program is an in-person program course. You meet with real estate professionals at various hotels. In these workshops, those professionals teach you the ins and outs of real estate investing. They even bring real estate “celebrities” (the ones with TV shows) into the mix. A big sales tactic that lures people into the program.

Who is Scott Yancey?

Scott Yancey Real Estate Program: A Shocking Scam?

Scott Yancey began his career at a young age. Self-proclaimed real estate guru, Scott Yancey is the founder of the Goliath company. He made his first real estate deal at the age of fourteen. This was possible because he received $30,000 in an injury settlement. Scott purchased a second trust deed on a single home with the money.

He was cutting deals for massive housing developments by the time he was in college. He has flipped hundreds of houses making him a millionaire. Scott ran a tv show with his wife, Amie Yancey. Flipping Vegas ran for five seasons on A&E. Scott preaches that his time in the real world taught him more than college. He always says one does not need money to become a real estate investor.

the Scott Yancey Real Estate Program – a scam?

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Phase one of the seminar consisted of a free dinner and a camera. The camera wasn’t a good one. Next, a guy came in providing a huge sales pitch on why real estate is everything. They had someone come to the front of the room and provide a testimonial. Then they told us there were only a few spots left for the next seminar. “Only those who act fast can get involved” they added. You had to pay about $2,000 to attend the next seminar. A three-day boot camp.

Phase two was the three-day seminar. The seminar took place in a conference room. They had real estate coaches that taught presentation after presentation. They provided us books and materials. You would think anyone that didn’t attend this seminar is at loss. They taught us many strategies about wholesaling and house flipping. The seminar talked about calculating investments and various other things. A beginner would be wowed by all this. The teachers were throwing out crazy numbers.

The teachers said you should make $40,000-a-month after the seminar. They didn’t talk about any other payments until the last day. On the last day, they talked about their membership program. They said you would be coached one on one if you join. They have three memberships categories; bronze, gold, and diamond. The bronze, gold and diamond membership costs $15,000, $20,000, $30,000.

During the three-day seminar, there was a session where they have you call your credit card company. They asked you to apply for more credit. They want to see how much credit you can get. The teachers explained that they’re trying to show you how to use credit to buy real estate. In reality, they’re asking you to use those credits to join their membership program. You wouldn’t realize this until the end of the seminar.

Do not pay for this Course

In truth, the Scott Yancey Real Estate Program is a total scam. Their customer service wasn’t helpful. Their one on one coaching was nonexistent. It was just a mess. In reality, you’re paying $17,000, $22,000, $32,000 for free education. Overall, what it comes down to is to not pay for this course. The information is out there for free. Just do your research.

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