Funding for Flipping: Is It a Joke?

Is Funding for Flipping any Good

A classic saying is, “if a credit offer is too good to be true, its probably just bait.” This adage is most certainly can be right in the case of funding for flipping. Funding for Flipping offers interest-free loans for up to 12 months. If a company provides free loans for that long, it wouldn’t be in business, so what’s the deal.

Funding for Flipping & credit score

Funding For Flipping

Will funding for flipping affect your credit score ?

Funding for Flipping is a branch of Seed Capital. They utilize revolving credit lines with cash liquidation fees. Practically, they take many credit lines at an initial rate of 0% and so you have loads of front-end capital without interest. If you have the sum of interest due, they roll into another 0% interest credit line for you. According to Funding for Flipping, they are ideal for purchase, renovation, promotion, preservation, and closure of real estate costs. 

Funding for Flipping are a useful source of funds for loans of up to 13 months at 0% interest rate with small monthly payments. As you can imagine, this helps with cashflow. Currently, they offer in the range of $20,000-$ 175,000 in unguaranteed business credit, and no documents (income, tax returns, accounts, assets) are required. Also, there is no upfront payment or collateral needed, only reports on the business credit details. They offer approval within 2-3 days, and funding is within 2-3 weeks. If you decide to do this, it will impact your credit score for as long as you have the balance on your credit. This is typical, though, with all credit.

While conducting our research, we discovered that technically, Funding for Flipping does not give any credit lines. You get 0% introductory credit cards for the 12-18 months that most relevant credit cards offer (JP Morgan, Chase, Wells Fargo, Capital One, Bank of America). You are requested to pull and send them your credit report from a site called (they own the website). They appear to own a credit management and monitoring business in which there is a specific way they produce credit reviews and ratings. They use an algorithm based on the score of your report to determine how many credit cards you can open.  $100 K to $150 K is guaranteed for a credit score between 700 and 750.

The financial manager situation

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The money game begins

Funding for Flipping appoints you a financial manager, and you reach out to the person to get proof of funds or collect cash deposited in your account. After six months, your credit cards are passed to the business, and they are not connected to personal credit. When the 0% deal has ended, it starts a second cycle of payments to move the balance you have on the first round of the credit and to maximize the credit accessibility. If you begin with a $100K in the first round, they will go for $200 K in the second round, a $100K to support the first round if you have a balance left remaining and $100K to surge ahead.

They charge $4,995, $6,995, and $9,995 based on how much money you’ll receive.   When you cannot receive the guaranteed support you requested, they will cancel the charge and give you what they approved for you.  The charge is valid for the financial planner and two rounds of payments for a credit card for 12 months for the maintenance of the finances. You can also learn how you can buy credit cards so that you can go and create your credit lines, or you stick with them and pay successive charges.

Funding For Flipping: Reputation


All that glitters is not gold.

Although Funding for Flipping have an outstanding record. After four years of operation, their BBB page does not show reported complaints. Most individuals won’t be happy with $100K in credit card debt, let alone management even though they would manage it for you for 12 months. As we know, a credit card and a credit line are two separate items. They confuse us with the way they advertise for “Credit Lines.” This company works in a manner to provide credit accounts for businesses that anyone can get on their own and earn 10% of the line total for themselves. If you really don’t have the time to do this on your own, then this may be a good option – albeit expensive.

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